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Author Interviews: Mya O'Malley

Intent: Mya O'Malley The Calm After the Storm


Mya O’Malley – The Calm After the Storm

The storm of the century raged through the northeast, causing destruction and despair, millions were left without power and hope. Weeks later, countless people were still devastated by the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, Emma Riley among them. Determined she didn’t need the help of a man, Emma was convinced that she could brave the aftermath of the storm on her own. That is, until Jake came into her life. After having suffered heartbreak and embarrassment, Jake Mack, a utility foreman, volunteered to travel north from small town, Georgia to assist with the aftermath of the storm. Jake was decidedly done with women. But he didn’t count on meeting Emma or falling in love so quickly. Can he trust this woman or will his past get in the way and ruin the relationship with the one woman he truly loves? 
Author Interview with Mya O'Malley

1. Where were you when the idea for this book came to you? It was after Hurricane Sandy, when I was without power for over a week when the idea for this book materialized. One day I thought about an interesting idea; what if a utility worker from Georgia who came to help restore power fell in love with a girl from the northeast?
            2. What makes your book unique? I feel that this book is unique because many people experienced Hurricane Sandy and can relate to the setting. This is a contemporary romance in which Jake comes from small town, Georgia to help restore power in the New York area. He falls is love Emma, a career- minded woman from New York.

            3. Who is your primary audience?  I would say that my primary audience for this book would be women of any age who are looking for a romantic story with some family drama and interesting subplots.  

            4. Why did you choose this particular setting to tell your story?  I experienced Hurricane Sandy and was amazed that utility workers from down south would put their lives on hold to help out. I thought that it would be the perfect setting for a love story to unfold.

            5. What draws you to this genre? I love romantic stories, romantic movies, you know name it.  I also love a story that leaves the reader with a happy feeling.

            6. What kind of research did you have to do? Some of the research included looking into data related to Hurricane Sandy, the gas shortage and geographical information.

            7. What challenged or surprised you about writing this story? The storyline involving Jake’s ex-wife was challenging to write. My hero’s ex-wife struggles with her own personal issues, she has an extremely flawed character.

            8. What did you enjoy most about writing this story?  I loved writing this story. I enjoyed creating a positive love story out of a challenging time.

            9. Which character was the easiest to create and why? The character of Jake was one of my favorites. He is a selfless, caring man, father and boyfriend. Even a man as wonderful as Jake struggled with his conscience throughout this story, he tried to put his own happiness and needs to the side for the sake of his family and moral obligations. His relationship with his three- year old daughter was seamless and lots of fun to write.

            10. Which character would you most like to meet and why? Without a doubt, Jake. Jake’s an amazing man who would do anything for his loved ones.

            11. Did you ever consider having the story told by another character? In The Calm After the Storm, there are two main points of view; Emma and Jake both have a voice. I also decided to give Ginny, Jake’s ex-wife a voice throughout some of the text. Ginny had her own demon; her behavior and actions spilled over into Jake and Emma’s story.

 12. What do you want your audience to come away with after reading your book? I hope that my readers come away with a happy feeling after reading this story. This story imitates true life, with all of its conflicts and choices, some of which my readers may be able to relate to.  In the end, I hope people come away with the feeling that you can only get from a good love story.

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