Thursday, September 17, 2015

Speaking Engagements

Krista Wagner is the author of Intent, two upcoming novels, and several published poems. She's been writing since the age of seven. Wagner has a M.F.A.  in Creative Writing and has been teaching college English courses since 2008.  She can adapt her presentations to any age group and any audience size. Contact her today for your next speaking engagement:

 Attention Schools, Libraries, and Book Clubs:

Option A: Request a book reading and Q & A Session with  Krista Wagner. To make the presentation more exciting and relatable, be sure to order your copies before the day of the speaking engagement. 

Option B: Select Krista Wagner to host an exciting author workshop at your location. She offers theme-related content, creative writing exercises, the realities of writing/publishing, and other educational opportunities.

Speaking Engagements

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