Friday, February 6, 2015


A dramatic thriller that takes you on a spiritual journey, where faith is tested and the truth is not what it seems.


Intent is available in paperback and Kindle at the following locations:

TouchPoint Press.Com



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"Another shot of lightning hit and illuminated some kind of blurred movement about ten feet away, between the dumpster and a car parked next to it. Raylee froze. Something felt really wrong. A dim light pole stood next to the sidewalk, adjacent to the dumpster. It towered several feet over the parking lot like a foreboding giant. The whispering grew slightly louder and sounded like it came from the blurry darkness behind the dumpster.
Raylee had no intention of playing inspector. She’d seen enough scary movies to know how these things turned out. Nevertheless, she found herself mesmerized. She strained to see through the darkness and the sheets of rain to get a glimpse of what she thought might be there. If she could just figure out what it was, she would feel a little better.
Raylee stood next to her car and stooped to glimpse below the dumpster, but there was nothing underneath it. What had she expected to find anyway? A snake? A mouse? A human being?
But deep down she knew it was the latter, because she could have sworn someone had been watching her. She felt it."



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